Advice for President Obama

February 9, 2009 by · 4 Comments
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Rich Berg has two pieces of advice for President Obama that could revolutionize the economy. Learn more below.


4 Responses to “Advice for President Obama”
  1. Tom says:

    completely disagree with insuring the loss that a homeowner can have on the value of their home. of course, it sounds very nice to say that no person could lose X% of their home value. If you announce that no person can lose X% of their investments in stocks and that they’re insured by the government, people will cry corporate greed, but isn’t it the exact same principle? a rapid increase in private investment is just as defensible through job creation until they realize that their tax dollars are going to make up for the losses suffered by people making risky investments.

  2. cuOnTheOtherSide says:

    When it comes top Government, we get the government we support or vote in. Government (Washington) has acted with impunity and some disregard for the public good for some time now. We as a people influence that with our vote. To change Washington will take some time and there will be no shortage of obstacles to overcome. But if we consistently focus on the bigger picture we will not be distracted with the pettiness that Washington can mire in.

  3. Stephen says:

    OK so who benefits from Mark-to-Market accounting?

    Who benefits from this license to steal?

    The Politicians look scared to death to even hint they may close this accounting scam. Looks to me like a huge extortion racket. What could be so important they will not change a simple accounting rule which costs nothing and could turn this thing around pretty quickly?

    Who are they protecting?

  4. Don Kamp says:

    No good! Your ideas are too elementary. Our elected officials don’t like simple solutions that attack root causes. They want schemes that are so complicated and costly that they can’t even fully explain all the details. Take for example the “Bad Bank” idea. Both Paulson and Geithner have backed off from this saying it is too difficult for them to figure out. Good lord! If I ever told my boss that I’d get a kick in the pants or a boot out the door or both.

    TARP 2: What a bunch of wasteful rubbish! We’ve had 8 years of stimulus and bailouts and rebates. Where’s it gotten us? Obama is just another Bush with a smooth talk and a flashy smile. It’s like they are trying to jump start a car that has four flat tires. It may make for some noise and a few backfires, but it ain’t going to go nowhere in the long run. You have to fix what needs fixing. Anyone with half a brain can figure that out.

    I sincerely feel that the average American is just about fed up with government gimmicks. We don’t want no freaking hand-outs, no rebates, no stimulus. Just give us stability and most honest people will earn their own rewards. All we’ve had lately is one bubble after another – gas price volatility, high home costs, commodity price fluctuations. The price of corn went from about $4.50 down to under $2 I believe and the dairy farmers are about to all go out of business all at once.

    All this instability has led to a serious run of deflation. If we are not careful it will eventually lead to a sudden avalanche of massive and irreversible flight of capital. And all our elected officials can think of is going out on a big spending spree. They haven’t a clue…

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