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Here are some additional sources from around the web:

Forbes:  Mark-to-Market Blog

New York Times:  Investment Banking Blog

Stefan Karlsson’s blog:  About The Mark To Market Accounting Issue


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  1. Alan Page says:

    The current greed/debt based currency creation system has completely failed to deal with long term environmental assets that need to be either protected or managed to realize their full potential. Mark to market mechanisms will cause these assets to be forfeit before they can reach appropriate age – in the case of managed timber. Already the major timber companies have transferred major land assets to investment banks with fractional reserve currency creation capabilities, but this is not a long term solution. As we have seen recently the operators of these institutions care little for anything but short term bonuses that can be earned by whatever means.

    We face very tough environmental choices and a fraud based global currency creation system will not facilitate the choices that we all must make. This system must change if life as we know it (or as our ancestors knew it – since it is not clear that most now can perceive life as a biological process) is to long continue on this small orbiting ball of rock.

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